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  • We stayed in app #78 and it was the most exciting stay in Paris we every had. Nothing like having a dinner in a classic and spacious dinning room, having the Tour Eiffel on your balcony :) As for the agency, I was very happy with the services. Helen definitely outdid herself! She was very helpful, never said no and helped to extend our location for one more week. I am recommending this agency to all my business partners and friends. Thank you for unforgettable stay!

  • I want to comment my lovely experience in the apartment in paris in june od 2011 :), i really love the apartment!!!

  • Our first visit to Paris and it was a wonderful experience. The apertment was in as EXCELLENT location close to everything and metros. Very clean and safe, Marcos welcomed us at the front of the apartment and was so helpful with directions. Olesya was a pleasure dealing with her via email, she will answer all my questions on the spot, and there were many, many questions. Thank you all for such a pleasant and wonderful stay in Paris. I will definitely rent with you guys again. See you soon!!!

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Paris is very different than other cities as it's thriving with life and also to spend some delightful days of your life in its center would be to become part of that life. Arriving here with family and considering affordable flat is everyone desire. our companyapartments offers crucial info on renting including the best way to complete the essential paperwork when you find your ideal Persian rental apartment accommodation in Paris.
If you book an apartment, without thinking of the place to stop for a night, you can pack your suitcases and go. You shouldn't also overlook the fact that hotels are not likely to provide graphics of exactly the amount you would like to book to you. It is apparent that you'll get the pictures of the best hotel rooms, which are available on the official site. When you are planning to rent an apartment in Paris, you are able to begin to see the pictures of all the rooms: the primary family room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony and so forth.
You will find numerous factors that if intended to get involve in apartment for sale Paris, you have to contemplate. Those variables include budget, place, feeling and comforts etc. Place - when you have intended to make an investment in Paris then ensure that property can be found at location that is great. Also be sure that the place by which your flat is found is readily accessible from different parts of town.
Booking a Flat for rent from local journey organization that is nearby could be a very costly matter they might present you a relaxation Paris Apartment that stands before the estimable. But the fee that they offer would relatively high. That is the reason why it is very important to make search for affordable rental apartments. Through this tactic, you've got lots of option to get an apartment of your choice and also the price you are searching for.